Sunday, December 14, 2008

knitting patterns

I compiled a list of all the free knitting patterns that I've posted so far. Also, there is a new little box on the sidebar with each link.

georgia peach
lemon and lime
lulu banana
mr. pear
mrs. saucy apple/sour apple

Thanks for loving my patterns so much! I really love seeing people make my little fruits and post a link to the pattern. So please keep knitting and make sure that you use the patterns only to make and share, please do not make little fruities for profit.
Thank you so much for spreading the fruity love
♥ Alex


knittedteacups4u said...

Hooray!!! Now I don't have to scroll through 15 pages to get to knitting patterns:) Thank you so much! Are you going to knit more food? your knitted fruit patterns are the best ones I've ever seen!

Alex H said...

thank you so much! i do plan on making more food patterns. but when will i ever find the time?? i promise soon :)

knittedteacups4u said...

Hooray!!! I can't wait to see them!

the scoop said...

Can you make a pineapple pattern?

Kris Costi said...

If we are really bad knitters can we buy them (you should sell some of your stuff on ebay)

Alex H said...

I have an etsy and have thought about making and selling them in my shop. Just keep checking back, I might find the time to make some extra knitted fruities! thank you for the interest!