Monday, December 24, 2007

and so it is

I opened presents today with my family. I got some great, very thoughtful, and I just realized, nerdy, gifts.

just the act of ripping the paper off of something to reveal what's inside is exciting! my new gifts make me so happy. they are so ME :]

so, today...

earlier in the day I made a pot of homemade clam chowder! I made it up as I went along (I've done this before, don't worry) and it turned into seriously GOOD clam chowder! I was very proud of the results!

I also cleaned my room and put up all new behind the door inspiration. I always like to change it. different things inspire me on different days. I really should change it more often. I have piles of ripped out magazine pages to choose from. I have a tiny addiction to magazines (ok, it's a large one) if you haven't been able to tell :]

well, what do you think I'll be doing for the rest of the day?? what's that you say?? an Office marathon?? that sounds perfect.

so just come over, I have leftover soup and 22 new episodes of my favorite show

♥ a

ps: I have some finished projects and some in progress to show you soon. can't wait!!
AND I made a great silly playlist

Sunday, December 23, 2007

a little different

I have been feeling very moody lately. just keeping to myself and trying not to irritate people with my certain unpleasant state I am in.

but, I am slowly crawling out of it

I went to the bookstore last night and spent way too much but I don't feel guilty about spending money on books (this IS coming from a future libraian) I was with Marissa and she and I could stay for hours in any store really. we are lingerers. we were in whole foods a couple of nights ago for what seemed like hours. it was about an hour. no one should ever send both of us to "run in" anywhere. we will end up being in there way too long. anyway, I purchased some books that were highly recommended by the lovely M. I have been hearing her talk about Middlesex for a while now. she said it was like crack, and well, it is (I guess?). I can't put it down. I put another book on hold because I couldn't wait to start it.

this is why I love M. she gets me excited about things. we talk about everything. she listens and I listen. I feel like I can reference something and she will know exactly what I'm talking about. she is my new best friend. I really don't know alot of people around here that I can actually talk to so it's a real gift when I do.

anyway, I just wanted to say that to say this, I think M is pulling me out of my funk. you will be hearing more from me because I am excited about things again. I have a few different projects going at once. I am reading alot and watching wonderful movies. I feel inspired and no longer well, blah. this last semester really took alot out of me with commuting and everything. I am so glad to have a break right now. it's great to sleep until 11. I don't normally like to get up at 11 because I love my mornings. I love getting up early and having more of a day. I could wake up then, that's all.

I made a playlist for my moody self

I think I'm done with it, I don't need to keep myself in that

I'm good now...

♥ a

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I have been hooked to my new ipod.

here is a list of all the musicians and bands that I love right now
they are all pretty amazing ♥:

emily wells
laura gibson
leah siegel (thanks e)
anna waronker
let's go sailing
mariè digby
the brunettes
shocking pinks
the virgins
new young pony club
the national
adam merrin
the most serene republic
the frames
sara bareilles
girl in a coma
the glorious ninth
the 1900s

ps: if there are any bands that you think I might enjoy, comment me ♥ al

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

yum yum

made these good! sugar cookies with almonds on top! gluten free of course! I just borrowed the gluten-free girl recipe for sugar cookies and improvised with sliced almonds! don't they look yum yum?

Friday, December 07, 2007

asleep like a bucket of snow

this week has been so peaceful. we have lots of snow on the ground which makes it super quiet plus I have an excuse to stay in and use my fireplace and read. I have been reading quite a few decorating magazines this week. I've been ripping out pages to add to my folder. I found some great color schemes for certain rooms. my mom is letting me design the kitchen, the breakfast, the family room, my bedroom, and my bathroom. have I mentioned I CAN NOT wait? I love doing this kind of thing. I love projects. here are some color schemes I like:

staying in also means making dinner. I usually always make dinner but sometimes I want a baker's square salad :] I made a delicious london broil with baked potatoes with sour cream and chives. oh and I made au jus to go with it! so yummy!
and I believe the weather was cloudy with a chance of meatballs on wednesday night ♥ (gluten free of course)

I did some online shopping too! I ordered this book that I can not wait to start reading! she is so inspiring and her husband is a chef! how LUCKY!
I bought some gorgeous romanian hand-dyed embroidery thread from purlsoho. I have big plans for these! you'll see....

oh! I almost forgot! I bought some new boots for myself! they are so warm and comfy and I got them at a farm & fleet store of all places! (and they were on sale $15 off!!)

today I didn't have to go to class bc I had a lovely friend hand in my assignment for me :] I have to get ready for my big weekend! I am being lazy today...watching food network and cleaning up a bit so far. oh, and studying for finals
:[ BUT winter break is quickly approaching!!

have a great weekend loves!

I am off to take a bath, a nap and maybe some baking!