Thursday, December 20, 2007


I have been hooked to my new ipod.

here is a list of all the musicians and bands that I love right now
they are all pretty amazing ♥:

emily wells
laura gibson
leah siegel (thanks e)
anna waronker
let's go sailing
mariè digby
the brunettes
shocking pinks
the virgins
new young pony club
the national
adam merrin
the most serene republic
the frames
sara bareilles
girl in a coma
the glorious ninth
the 1900s

ps: if there are any bands that you think I might enjoy, comment me ♥ al


Amu-mu said...

what about Fiona Apple...any old stuff but also newish album, Extraordinary Machines

p ê c h e said...

oh I do love her! I love the song. "Oh Well" from that album!

thanks ♥

Amu-mu said...

She's great!! Also Corinne Bailey Rae..Shes gorgeous too!