Friday, December 07, 2007

asleep like a bucket of snow

this week has been so peaceful. we have lots of snow on the ground which makes it super quiet plus I have an excuse to stay in and use my fireplace and read. I have been reading quite a few decorating magazines this week. I've been ripping out pages to add to my folder. I found some great color schemes for certain rooms. my mom is letting me design the kitchen, the breakfast, the family room, my bedroom, and my bathroom. have I mentioned I CAN NOT wait? I love doing this kind of thing. I love projects. here are some color schemes I like:

staying in also means making dinner. I usually always make dinner but sometimes I want a baker's square salad :] I made a delicious london broil with baked potatoes with sour cream and chives. oh and I made au jus to go with it! so yummy!
and I believe the weather was cloudy with a chance of meatballs on wednesday night ♥ (gluten free of course)

I did some online shopping too! I ordered this book that I can not wait to start reading! she is so inspiring and her husband is a chef! how LUCKY!
I bought some gorgeous romanian hand-dyed embroidery thread from purlsoho. I have big plans for these! you'll see....

oh! I almost forgot! I bought some new boots for myself! they are so warm and comfy and I got them at a farm & fleet store of all places! (and they were on sale $15 off!!)

today I didn't have to go to class bc I had a lovely friend hand in my assignment for me :] I have to get ready for my big weekend! I am being lazy today...watching food network and cleaning up a bit so far. oh, and studying for finals
:[ BUT winter break is quickly approaching!!

have a great weekend loves!

I am off to take a bath, a nap and maybe some baking!

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