Friday, September 26, 2008

með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

with a buzz in our ears we play endlessly

Sigur Rós at the Chicago Theatre with Parachutes


Monday, September 22, 2008

gluten-free? me first.

I have a load of gluten -free food to share. I made some of it and I bought some of it. okay, so let me start with fried cheese. cheese is my weakness. I could eat cheese all day long. seriously. so, what's better than frying it? (not much) so I breaded some tiny mozzerella balls that I picked up at trader joes and I fried them up really quick. they were so yummy and gooey and crispy and hot and okay, I'll stop. observe:

with the same oil and breading technique I made fried might have been
EVEN better than the fried cheese!

so, the other night, Doug tells me he has never had green chili, (say wha?, yea I know...) so of course, being a good girlfriend, I made him the best green chili I could. it was really yummy. we put some extra cilantro and green onions on top with some chopped avocados. I could go on about avocados all day too. I LOVE them. they're like a buttery, melty in your mouth, well, I don't know...they're just amazing and I don't know what I would do without them.

this tv dinner was an experiment. I am NOT the type to eat TV dinners for obvious reasons and I would never eat them anyway. BUT I saw this in the store and I had to try it. don't judge me. I was sold when I saw it had gluten-free foccacia :) it was also very good and I may or may not get it again?

because trader joes gf brownie mix is SO good I haven't felt the need to buy a gluten-free brownie. anyway, my mom picked this up for me when she was on vacation last week and it is good. I had one complaint, it was CRUMBLY. I mean, it got everywhere! I felt like a 3 year old eating it. I'll stick to the trader joes, thanks.

that's my gluten-free post loves, I love blogging gluten-free because I wish for people (celiacs) to see that just because you have a very restrictive diet, you can eat really well. ♥ a

Friday, September 12, 2008

you don't know me.

this song is so wonderful. it cheers me. how could it not? it's ben folds and regina spektor :)

♥ a

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

under the hanker-chief tree

hello dears,
I'm thinking about making my room into a gigantic blanket fort for a few weeks. or maybe just one week. it's getting a little cold out lately and it just seems so cozy to have a room made out of blankets. I need to work on figuring out how. I like the idea of hanging them from the ceiling and the walls like in the picture...(must think about it)

anyway, I sent Marissa her bag (she loved it!) and I snapped a pic before it went to live with her:

I bought a set of Francis Hodgson Burnett books a long while ago and I just rediscovered them the other day to my delight!
A Little Princess was my favorite book when I was a little girl and The Secret Garden was a close second. I would watch the movies all the time too! oh, and aren't the covers very attractive? that's why I got this set :) I'm a sucker for good packaging, great book/magazine covers, this week I'm re-reading A Little Princess and it even inspired a new princess-y type outfit (which is not me at all but the book made me do it)

I went on my weekly magazine trip to Borders and I picked up the new British Harper's Bazaar because it had Sophie Dahl on the cover! I love her! what a wonderful family she comes from! I can only dream about how wonderful her childhood must have been! well, she wrote a story, Under the Hanker-chief Tree, and it's so adorable! you must check it out if you see the issue. she looks like a princess!
I think I may read Matilda next! I'm thinking about re-reading all my favorite books from my childhood: this weekend is Renegade Chicago! I'm so excited! and Doug and I are going to a White Sox game too! it's going to be fun! I am off now to lay down for a quick nap.

♥ a

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

or maybe it's the weather or something like that...

hello! man, the weather has been crazy here! it was 95 yesterday and today the high is mid-70s! I wore a long sleeve shirt today because it was barely 60 when I got up and went to school.

I'm kind of sad today because I was planning on going to the free Andrew Bird at Millenium Park tonight but it's going to rain and everyone is busy :(

so, tonight is going to be a typical Wednesday which involves going to Doug and Laura's and eating dinner and then watching Project Runway and working on homework. I really got Doug and Laura into PR! haha they watch it with me. I don't think they like it as much as I do but they comment on the outfits and things the way Marissa and I do when we watch PR :)

I've been keeping myself busy! I finished a few projects but mostly I was lazy over the holiday weekend. I hope everyone had a lovely one! I will post pictures of the finished projects before I send them away to their new home. (I made a few things for Marissa....shhhh! it's a secret!) I will show you that later this week. I did however take pictures of some yummy food I made this weekend!

some cheddar biscuits!

I made some chicken florentine soup. I just kind of made it up, I am going to post the recipe later because it's so YUMMY! I almost ate it all before I could sneak a pic :)

I made some spring rolls with rice paper. rice paper is so fun to make stuff with! I am obsessed with making rolls. I'm forever trying to figure out new ways to stuff them.

♥ a