Wednesday, September 03, 2008

or maybe it's the weather or something like that...

hello! man, the weather has been crazy here! it was 95 yesterday and today the high is mid-70s! I wore a long sleeve shirt today because it was barely 60 when I got up and went to school.

I'm kind of sad today because I was planning on going to the free Andrew Bird at Millenium Park tonight but it's going to rain and everyone is busy :(

so, tonight is going to be a typical Wednesday which involves going to Doug and Laura's and eating dinner and then watching Project Runway and working on homework. I really got Doug and Laura into PR! haha they watch it with me. I don't think they like it as much as I do but they comment on the outfits and things the way Marissa and I do when we watch PR :)

I've been keeping myself busy! I finished a few projects but mostly I was lazy over the holiday weekend. I hope everyone had a lovely one! I will post pictures of the finished projects before I send them away to their new home. (I made a few things for Marissa....shhhh! it's a secret!) I will show you that later this week. I did however take pictures of some yummy food I made this weekend!

some cheddar biscuits!

I made some chicken florentine soup. I just kind of made it up, I am going to post the recipe later because it's so YUMMY! I almost ate it all before I could sneak a pic :)

I made some spring rolls with rice paper. rice paper is so fun to make stuff with! I am obsessed with making rolls. I'm forever trying to figure out new ways to stuff them.

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sunnie_fairy said...

those shoes... I'm in love with both! and wait- did you say 26 dollars?!?

Veronica said...

Super cute shoes!!!! I need some new sneakers for the gym too...hmm.... I just might need to stop at Payless today after school!

That spider is CREEEEEEE-PY! I HATE spiders. I don't kill them, but I do scream and run away...yuck! Does it have weird designs in its web, that kind of look like zippers? We had these huge spiders in NC that looked kinda like that, and they were known as 'zipper spiders' because they made little zigzag designs in their webs....???

alex said...

nope, I know what you are talking about and I looked for patterns in it's web and it was just a regular circular web.
I do NOT miss all the big spiders in NC. Here there are virtually no big spiders and it's very nice :)