Monday, August 25, 2008

the new semester and some money well spent

today was my first day back at school! it was very good. I like my classes a lot. I have some interesting reading to do and just a tad of homework. I bought the rest of my books today and I did pretty well with the money saving for that. (I went to!) I only had 2 classes today and they were from 10-12:50 so when I got out at 1 I met Doug at Jaipur for lunch and I ordered the best chicken makanhi and vegetable pakora (gf because they use chickpea flour and a dedicated fryer!).

I stopped by Joanns on my way home and picked up some things on sale. I went there to buy fabric for that anthropologie pillow I want to make and I wanted to stick with one main color, orange and I had the hardest time finding the right orange. but, alas! I found some quarters that went very well together!

AND as I was browsing I spotted a neon green and black leopard print fabric that screamed MARISSA! at me so I am going to make her a shoe organizer with the pattern from BUST magazine. I think she'll love it! and I might have some left over for something else, who knows??

I also got some 8x8 cardstock that was on sale and the colors are gorgeous! I see card making and note writing in my future :)

remember that I rearranged my room? well, I think it looks pretty good! I got all my crafting stuff in one corner!
I do need a bigger bookshelf though...but everything else is good!

and here is the new embroidery project I've been working on! I like the way it's turning out! I'm coming up with the different patterns as I stitch.

well, there you go loves, I'm off to Doug's to work on homework and spend time!

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sunnie_fairy said...

wow! happy that your first day went well :]
love the colors on those fabrics!
great embroidery... wish I could sew like that!

Veronica said...

Oooh you have lots of Hello Kitty stuff around your room! Awesome! I'm wearing a sailor Hello Kitty shirt today, and earrings! Yay! :D

Your embroidery is so cool.... can't wait to see how that Anthro-esque pillow turns out, too!

BTW - the tattoo on my shoulder is one of the pen-and-ink drawings from inside the Smashing Pumpkins' Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness cd booklet. It was my Christmas present from my best friend last year, and I love it!

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

love it ALL. I think I may just bling out my machine