Sunday, August 17, 2008

sunday is the day we walk do you like the new look??

I've got gluten-free pita bread in the oven and it smells amazing! I'm waiting for it to hurry up and bake so I can eat it!

I'm making Doug dinner tonight and then we're going to see Vicky Cristina Barcelona. He LOVES Woody Allen, in fact, I haven't shown you guys the shirt I made him for his birthday! I will do that soon, tomorrow perhaps?

anyway, I bought some cute dishes at anthropologie on Friday, remember? well, here they are in all their CUTENESS:

I got the new Marie Claire and I am in love with this blouse and these accesories! it's gorgeous!

this EXCITES me too! gluten-free chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream! it's not bad! the ice cream part is a little too sweet but the cookie parts are yummy

and Doug and I went for a walk around his new neighborhood and I brought along my camera...

I am very excited there is a bookstore within walking distance!

we found this written on the's kind of true for DeKalb :)

this is the Egyptian Theater, it's on the National Historic Register, it was built in the 20s I believe when Egyptian themed EVERYTHING was all the rage

at the candy store!

all of these cute places are within a block of Doug's new apartment! I love his new place and the neighborhood is great!

I am off! to eat dinner and see a movie with my sweet!

♥ A


sunnie_fairy said...

love the new look!
great, interesting post

Veronica said...

I love the new look; I'm totally jealous of your Anthro dishes, especially the bird teacup; and I almost bought that ice cream today at the grocery store! I didn't though because it was almost $5 and I'm definitely poor.

Doug's new neighborhood is super-cute! When are we going to see pictures of your new house? I want to see it all decorated Alex-style! :D

alex said...

oh, because it isn't really decorated yet...but it will be soon and there will be pictures for sure :)

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

woman - are you going to the meetup tomorrow?

alex said...

yes ma'am! i sent you a msg on facebook my dear ♥ i hope i see you there!