Wednesday, August 13, 2008


hey, sorry it's been a few days...I've been super busy helping Doug and our friend Laura move into a new place. My friend Alyson also moved to Seattle (sniff sniff) but I'm going to visit as soon as possible. I've also been busy trying to figure out how to pay for tuition this semester....sheesh, all that and work on top of it! How do I get ANYTHING done?? haha

well, I have pictures of the show and they were amazing as expected (even more so) and we had a little drama which may or may not have made me decide to never go to another House of Blues show again (but that's another story, I just want to talk about the great show they put on)

first of all, if you ever get a chance to see them live, GO! even if you are a mediocre fan, they will make you into a HUGE fan.

second of all, Kele is the most adorable man on the planet!

okay, pictures: (which I did not take, we met some guys at the show who promised us pictures)

and CSS opened! they were great also!

so, we had a lot of fun...danced, sweat, screamed, and danced some more

♥ A

ps: they covered Prince and went right into Flux which is amazing live!

and I'm still kind of sorry I missed this....

Mercury has really really grown on me, I didn't like it at first but now I LOVE it

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