Thursday, June 12, 2008

too many things

since i have taken a vacation from blogging many things have happened (all good things i assure you). because there are too many things i will just start here. today. all over again. kind of.

i have been having a lazy summer so far. school is over until august and i have been filling my days with watching movies, shopping, and enjoying the outdoors. i haven't really made anything lately due to not having time. this will change. i have been looking for a nice summer job. just for a little extra cash on the side to buy yarn and scrumptious dinners with.

i have a new boyfriend, doug. he's amazing. i could go on all day about him. he makes me really happy. more on that later.

so last weekend, doug and i went to the city and wandered around for hours and hours. we walked around lincoln park and belmont. it was nice except for the rain. it started pouring rain the second we exited the train at fullerton and didn't stop until after we found refuge in a small thai restaurant. we had a feast. it was realy yummy and i will definitely be going back there with the lovely marissa who lives in that neighborhood. we also caught up with her at swirlz, one of my favorite places in the world. they have the best cupcakes and they are gluten-free friendly. and juts plain friendly too. (i got a free cupcake becasue they were closing up shop and had extras :])

i love the city at night so i took some pictures while we were waiting for our train back to elburn

so, i will be updating this blog regularly again. i promise.

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