Saturday, May 12, 2007

little shopping girl

My mom used to call me the little shoppong girl when I was about 4 years old because I loved shopping with my gramma. I went shopping today and bought the most wonderful Frida Kahlo book called, "I Will Never Forget You." It's a book of photographs taken by her dear photographer friend, Nickolas Muray. I have wanted this book for a long long time.

I bought some Hello Kitty paper dolls and I love the grandpa doll because it has a pipe and a cane. So cute! I love them! I don't know what I'm going to do with them but they would look cute set up on a book shelf.
I also bought Hello Kitty cookie cutters which I plan on using A LOT!!
AND last, I got a package that came all the way from Greece! Joanna (Greekfantasy from Etsy) and I did a swap--she wanted some buttons and she sent me some delicious homemade candy!! They are called Jollipops and they are yummy and adorable!