Sunday, August 24, 2008

last weekend

this was the last weekend before school starts :( wahwah

I was mostly really lazy (and so was the gizmo) but I worked on some new crafty things and I cooked a lot. I got a bunch of new magzines in the mail and I rearranged my room. I like to rearrange my room and clean it very well before school starts that way I'm not distracted by a mess. I also put the rest of the Christian Bale movies that I haven't seen in my Netflix queue. I tried to add the version of Lolita with Jeremy Irons (love him!) but it said it was unavailable...hmph...I have always loved that story and Nabokov is a personal favorite so I want to see this movie! I have seen the Kubrick version though.

ALSO I went to DeKalb's famous Corn Fest (more on that later)

so, Friday night I made some chicken pot pie from scratch, crust and everything. my crust recipe was from this book. I HIGHLY recommend this book. everything I've made from it has been delicious and of course, gluten-free.

I kind of made up the filling as I went along. I mean, it's chicken pot pie, how could I screw that up??

so....Corn Fest!
I had a lot of fun. the highlight was a B-17 bomber that you could pay to tour and you could also take a ride in it for $400, no thanks I wish. anyway, my mom and I were sitting in the house and we heard a big plane going over and we knew it was the B-17. it was so cool! it's amazing that a plane that old is still around! the only thing I could think of the whole time was Twelve O'Clock High which is one of my favorite movies. it was very cool to tour also. oh, and the corn was yummy :)

so last night I went through all my new magazines and I found some things that I covet mega style :)

Doug and I made dinner last night, we love cooking together (he's a very good cook thank goodness) and we made up this great Italian style moussaka. it had layers of eggplant, zucchini and meat sauce with LOTS of parmesan cheese. it was super yummy and I will post a recipe if anyone is interested...

well, I better go to bed. first day of the new semester tomorrow!!

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Veronica said...

Oooh, looks like you had a fun time! Good luck with your classes today! My semester starts today, too...hooray!