Saturday, January 13, 2007

Little Lulu

I knitted a little banana today. I made my own pattern while I was knitting and it is so so easy to make! You can make one in about 2 hours! You just need yellow and white worsted weight yarn and size 8 dpns. Here is the pattern:

inside of the banana:
with the white yarn:
CO 6 sts. and divide them among needles
kfb all - 12
k1, kfb around - 18
knit for 24 rows and then BO all sts.

with the yellow yarn:
CO 4 divide onto your dpns.
KFB all - 8
k1, kfb around - 12
k1, kfb around - 18
k2, kfb around - 24
knit for 20 rows
leave stitches on one needle and put other sts on two different stitch holders (8 on each)
working in st. st. work for 8 rows
on 9th row k2tog, k2 all
k2tog, k2, k2tog
k2tog twice
purl the last two sts. together and pull, make a good knot

now pick up the sts. on one of the holders and do this again, and then when you finish, pick up the remaining sts and repeat

stuff your two pieces, only stuff the peel a little, put the inside into the peel to see how much you want it to stick out. pin the inside of the banana to the peel and sew all the way around. with the yellow yarn

Now you have a little banana!


Love, peachcake


null said...

Okay, the banana wins the awesome medal. I really want to eat it.

Anonymous said...


Fred Sodergren said...

Thank you so much for the pattern!! I never thought anyone in their right mind would have knitted a banana before. They do call us knitwits...

Stash Bustin' said...

Love this little banana and I have posted a link to it on Stash Bustin'

Please stop by and let me know what ya think. Thank you for sharing patterns with the knitters in the world.

Anonymous said...

Made this banana for my 20 mth old daughter yesterday during her nap. It went super fast and she loves it. thanks for the pattern

Anonymous said...

This is a great pattern..

? though.. on row 3, where you
k 1, kfb around.. I keep getting more than 18 stitches.. and I have the correct (12) before that row..Is it a typo?
I've frogged and redone twice.. same thing :(

Alex H said...

thanks! it's not a typo, it's just not very clear what to do:

knit 1
then knit front back with the next stitch
knit 1
then knit front back with the next stitch

all the way around, you should get 18 sts

this should help

sorry :[

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

this is a very neat pattern

Anonymous said...

Hi there, adore this little banana and would love to knit it up for my granddaughter,but what with being a novice knitter and Welsh,I can't work out your abbreviations.If you have the time, I would greatly appreciate if you would let me know what they mean as I would like to make it for her for Xmas.Diolch a Nadolig Llawen,(Thanks and merry xmas), Seren.

Alex H said...

of course!

CO=cast on
kfb=knit front back (knit into the front and back of the stitch/increase)
k2tog=knit 2 together (knit 2 stitches togther /decrease)

I hope this helps you Seren! thanks for checking out my patterns and blog!

Taylor said...

thanks for the pattern I made one for my niece, she adores it!

mamaclare said...

BEAUTIFUL banana! I have been craving to knit food lately.
What fiber did you use? Specifically, what yarn did you use?

Eva said...

This is amazing!!!! I love it and I'm making one for my sister! Do you have any more simple patterns because I'm only 11?!

Lisa said...

Thank you for the pattern :) I am going to try and make it a crochet pattern and see how I go at converting it.

:) looks cute!

Lisa said...

I crocheted a banana :)

Thank you for the idea
I also posted a link to your knitted version for anyone who wants to try that. I need more practice with the dpn's lol