Monday, January 01, 2007

fruit people*UPDATE*

I understand that this pattern may not be perfect so make sure you check out some of the comments from fellow knitters who have found mistakes with this pattern. Meanwhile, I am going to rework my patterns to make sure they are perfect. I will update them soon.
PS: If you need help with the double pointed needles situation, here is a video demonstration that may help:

Thank you, A

I just laid around and knitted all day. I made an apple to go with the pear that I made yesterday. I like making fruit people. I don't think that I will put arms and legs on them. Her name is Mrs. Saucy Apple.

I also have a pattern for all who want it.

here it is:

size 8 dpns.
red and green yarn- worsted weight (I used Wool of the Andes in Cranberry and Avocado)
yarn needle
puffy paint or yarn for embroidery

CO 6
kfb around - 12
k1, kfb around- 18
k2, kfb around - 24
k3, kfb around - 30
k4, kfb around - 36
kfb 3 times - spread them out - 40
knit 8 rows
k9, k2tog, around
k8, k2tog, around
k4, k2tog, around
stuff your apple with scrap yarn or fiberfill
k3, k2tog, around
k2, k2tog, around
K1, k2tog, around
stuff the top a little more if you'd like
k2tog around - you should have 6 sts.
cut a long tail and pull through remaining sts. with your needle and put the needle into the center and through to the underside through the center. make sure that you pull tight so that it has a dimpled top like an apple. make a good knot.

make a leaf just like in the Mr. Pear pattern and an i-cord stem-sew them into the dimple and embroider and paint on her cute little face.



librarylass said...

awesome apple! I love the expression on its face. I must scrounge some red yarn for this one.

Anonymous said...

You and your little knitted creations make my life happy. :)

Unknown said...

They are soooo cute!! Hope your stomach feels better! :)

Unknown said...

Ok, sorry - I need another cuppa - your tummy ache was in January! *smacks head*

rainberry said...

I made an apple today using your pattern! I have a picture on my blog.

Alex H said...

aww, thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...
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DutchMoeder said...

I came to your blog for your apple pattern (I'm making it as a wedding gift my friend is doing her kitchen in apples so I'm giving this to her as a ring holder by the sink and make the stem to safely tie her rings on)And I see The Beatles! My daughter is named after a Beatles song... Prudence. Not to mention I'm often tested for Chrone's. I feel like I hit a lucky find!

You have great patterns!

Alex H said...

DutchMoeder, thank you! my best friend has Crohns. that's really hard to deal with just like Celiac, good luck with it! thanks for reading my blog!

Corri Taylor said...

this pattern is way wrong but somehow it still comes out looking right at least mine did

k4, kfb around - 36
kfb 3 times - spread them out - 40
wouldent that equal 39? also i did not do 8 rows of st stitch and im glad i dident i did 6 this is no small apple and i did it on 7's just a heads up to the pattern writter

Hoshi said...

Your fruit knits are absolutely adorable!! I already made the peach ^^ and am in the middle of this one :) But I was confused about this round:

kfb 3 times - spread them out - 40

do you mean kfb 3 consecutive sts or to kfb of 3 stitches throughout the round. I look forward to finishing this soon :)

PolkaDot said...

Hey Alex. You might want to change the pattern slightly, to read (for example): *k1, kfb rep * around - 18. I didn't realize it was a repeat unti I was on row 8 :-).

But I love it, and will be posting a pic when I'm done. I have it on Ravelry :-)

Hoshi said...
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madonnaearth said...

Your fruit people are so cute!

Hailey said...

hey, so this my be a silly question, but i've never used double pointed needles before, so how does this work? do you ever purl? i'm a little confused haha! thanks for the help!

Alex H said...

hhunt, I posted a helpful video demonstration for you. thanks for checking out my patterns :D, A

bookette said...

finally got around to making this recently. turned out really cute, of course (because your fruity patterns are awesome).
I'm a bit of a math geek, so I took the time to work backwards through the decreases to see what's up with that last increase row, and I think I've got it: it should read "kfb 8 times - spread them out - 44"
because if you have 44 stitches when you stop increasing, all your decrease rows make sense.
I was reluctant to second-guess your pattern, but, as I'm fond of telling my boys, math always wins. (I got to thinking that an 8 could look very like a 3 if you were scribbling something quickly while knitting, too.)
I hope that's the solution.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the pattern.
Is it supposed to be knitted on 4 dpns? I'm asking because I wonder how you divided 6 sts on them :/ Help?

Alex H said...

I use 3 dpns always with a fourth working needle. I hope that helps.

Full of life said...

Hi. I like your knitted fruits very much. Apple is gorgeose. But I also have problem with the pattern.
I can't understand how you increase.
Please help.