Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I haven't updated this in a few days because school started back so today I will. Sunday I knitted a green apple named, Mrs. Sour Apple and she has a sour look on her face.

I made her from the same apple pattern that I invented. I also bought beautiful purple yarn which I made into a Henry Bear from Jess Hutch's book "Unusual Toys to Knit and Enjoy."

AND I made more fruit people. I think that this will be the last of my fruit knitting endeavors. I want to knit some other things. Today I knitted a lemon and a lime from my own pattern that I amde up while I knitted the little fruits. I am going to post the pattern here for all to benefit from (the toy making kind of knitters).

here is the pattern:

Lemon/ Lime pattern:
CO 6
K 3 rows
Kfb all – 12
K1, kfb around – 18
K2, kfb around – 24
K3, kfb around – 30
K4, kfb around – 36
Knit 4 rows
K4, k2tog around – 30
K3, k2tog around – 24
K2, k2tog around – 18 at this point you should stuff and embroider your fruit
K1, k2tog around – 12
K2tog around – 6
K 3 rows: cut yarn, thread needle and pull through remaining stitches and through the center, make sure that you leave a little nub just like the other end!



Wendi said...

Terrific!! Gonna make em right now! thank you!

serenwen said...

I love your fruit patterns. I teach in the UK and I am urgently in need of a plum fruit pattern to go with the story of The very hungry Caterpillar. Can you help? Thanks , Pam

Alex H said...

on dpns...

sorry ;]

Corri Taylor said...

im doing a swap with a friend and she wants some knit food so i made the lemon very fast to knit up just what i needed thanks ill be making them both for my kids as soon as im done this swap!

NiNa* said...

I really loved Mrs. soup apple. I used her as a picture on something I wrote. I hope that's ok!

ipanda said...

Thanks a lot.
This's lemon is very cute.
It's my first time use dp knit :)
So cute,

ashley sullivan said...

what size needles are you using?

Holly And the Ivy said...

I've made a lemon and lime so far and the lime is for in a car. I also put some lemon/lime oil in them so they smell like they should too :D They make great freshioners. I've written about them in my blog.

Thanks for the pattern! <3

Holly x

Emma's Land of Cupcakes said...

waaah if only I knew how to read knitting patterns!

Anonymous said...

love these fruit patterns! found you via ravelry. my toddler's going to love some knitted fruit in her kitchen!

aussie46mum said...

Can anybody tell me what 'kfb' is. I have been knitting for years and have never seen that before.

Alex H said...

it means knit front back. in other words, increase.

adartialv said...

Can someone tell me what it means to 'kfb around'? I understand what kfb is, but I'm not sure what it means by around.