Monday, January 01, 2007

pattern for mr. pear


Worsted Weight yarn, I used Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Sunflower
and you'll need green for the stem and leaf
size 8 dpns.
yarn needle
black yarn for embroidery or puffy paint

BODY- with yellow yarn

CO 6 sts.
Kfb on all sts.
K1, Kfb around
you should have 18
k for 10 rows
k2, kfb around
k -24
knit 2 rows
K3, kfb around - 30
k4, kfb around - 36
knit 8 rows
kfb 3 times, spread them out - 40
k8, k2tog around- 36
k4, k2tog around- 30
k3, k2tog around- 24
k2, k2tog around- 18
k1, k2tog around- 12
k2tog around- 6
cut a tail and pull yarn through the remaining sts. and through the center with your yarn needle

Leaf: with green yarn
Kfb - 2
kfb on all sts. - 4
kfb on first and last sts. - 6
k 3 rows
Kfb on outside sts. - 8
k2tog on outsidests. - 6
k 3 rows
k2tog on outside sts. - 4
k2tog on outside - 2
k2tog and knot

sew onto the top of Mr. Pear and make an I-cord stem with the green yarn.


Anonymous said...

I have just now discovered you and your work. Love your fruit patterns, looking forward to orange pattern when it comes out and more. Great job on Sugi, thank you so much for that, I also am a HUGE fan of Jess Hutchinson, and clever you for working out a pattern for Sugi. Love your owl, sooo cute. I knit toys for kids charities and Sugi and owl will go down well. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

soooo cute

Anonymous said...

VERY cute, i am knitting a lot of fruit tonight, thanks for sharing the patterns!
arn't pears green?

Anonymous said...

do u have to use double pointed needles?

paws said...

Very cute! My sister requested some knit fruits for her kids. Yours turned out so cute I can't wait to try them!

Melinda said...

so cute! i am going to give this one a go, thanks for the pattern :)

Anonymous said...

i love your little fruit thingys! but do you have the patterns for straight needles? I' m just a beginner and wanted to knit some fruit like these ones. Thanks! (;

Rose said...

Gorgeous pattern! Thanks for sharing :-)

Rose x

Anonymous said...

I hope you still monitor this old post... I am a very new knitter and just came across your patterns, so please forgive my ?s if they are ridiculous :) Do you cast on 6 sts. to just one needle? When do you start with the multiple needles-- where it says "spread them out"?

Also, the picture looks like rows stockinette stitch, but when I have tried to follow the pattern, mine turns out like a garter stitch-- any idea what I am doing wrong?