Wednesday, January 24, 2007

my favorite fruit, duh (NOW with pictures)

I totally forgot that I had not posted a picture with this pattern. I apologize for not posting one sooner.

I got my yarn in the mail today so NEW PLAN! I made a little peach, I love her, her name is Georgia. I will put a picture up soon (promise) I have the pattern for it though:

You will need size 8 dpns.
peach colored yarn
green yarn
yarn needle
puffy paint/yarn for embroidery

CO6, divide onto 3 needles
KFB all
K1, KFB around
K2, KFB, around
K3, KFB around
K4 KFB around
K 6 rows
K4, K2tog around
K3, K2tog around
K2, K2tog around, stuff and embroider if you are doing so
K1, K2tog around
K2tog around

cut yarn, pull through remaing sts. and through the center to the bottom end. Tug a little on the yarn to make a little dimple in the top and knot.

Make a little stem with your green yarn. Use the I cord technique, and make a leaf with the leaf pattern from the pear/ apple pattern and sew into the little dimple.

Paint a face on her if using puff paint.


love, PEACHcake


Tricia said...

When will you have a picture of the peach? I like to keep pictures with my patterns to go by and I adore all your fruit patterns. Great on-the-go knitting for when I'm out and about and never know where I will land with time on my hands. Thanks for sharing them with us. ~Tricia

Anonymous said...

that is sooooooooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

that is so cute! the smile really adds flavor!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these fruit patterns. They look delicious!

Flemming said...

...goin to the country, gonna knit a lotta peaches...