Wednesday, February 17, 2010

my sick day(s)

I am feeling so cruddy! yuck

I need to catch up on Netflix instead of just watching instant which we are totally addicted to! psst...every season on SVU in existence is on there. that is an entire week's worth of nothing but Law and Order. no breaks! ahhh!

I finally finished this after reading it like 20 pages at a time. I just don't have the time for "fun" books. I really liked it, a lot more than I thought I would. I can't wait to watch the movie now. I love Amy Adams :)

I went through almost an entire box of honey lemon chamomile yesterday. it's keeping my sore throat from hurting so much.

why yes, I do make my gluten-free chocolate chip cookie dough in a Toll House container because I'm cool like that. I also eat cookie dough which I know is bad but I can't help myself. sue me

♥ A

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