Monday, February 01, 2010

blue people

Am I the only person in the world that has absolutely no desire to see Avatar? It looks so stupid! If it wins an Oscar I might just cry and give up on humanity. You could argue that I haven't seen it so how could I say whether it is Oscar-worthy or not? I have seen quite a few of the movies that are expected to be nominated and I can almost promise you that they are probably better (on so many levels). My favorite movie so far, Up in the Air. Loved it! The Hurt Locker was really great too!

rant over



Anonymous said...

high 5, sista! despite rumors of it being the best movie in the world, i have not desire to go out of my way to see it, either. :D

Veronica said...

You're not alone on this one! I've been saying that it looks stupid, and all anyone can say is "Oh, but you have to watch it just for the GRAPHICS"... why do I want to see a movie that's only good for 1 reason? That's like dating a hideous person, but who has really nice teeth.


Alex H said...

no Avatar for us! haha Veronica :)