Friday, June 19, 2009

tiny things

I got the smallest envelope in the mail today from anthro.

So, I thought, this has to be good.
And I opened it.

And I opened it a little more.

I went to North Carolina a few months ago to see my wonderful amazing best friend. My Katie Love made me this gorgeous box. We have a long standing tradition of making boxes for each other. We've been doing this since high school but this one is by far my favorite. I love it. and Katie.

Last week I spied the "big hair affair" on LUSH's website and I had to know if they sold it in stores (I didn't want it to melt...) so I rang up Marissa, self professed LUSH queen (she works there) and asked if I could pick one up. Well, I got one and it is jam packed of sample sizes. I am such a sucker for the sample size of anything. *sigh* they are so cute and tiny! Oh, and I am now addicted to Big Volumizing Shampoo. It makes my hair thick! Who knew such a product existed?

I am off to the library and Michael's to get supplies to make someone a surprise ;)
thank you Marissa and Katie, my two loves

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