Sunday, February 10, 2008

tears dry on their own

I spent saturday night downtown. I called Marissa friday night and I was sad so she wanted me to come down and cheer em up. so expectantly we went shopping! we went all around the water tower. it was fun and it DID cheer me up. I spent all my monies though...

here's all my new stuff:
this was actually a present from my mom. I can not wait to read it. 'there will be blood' is loosely based on this story.
I needed pink shoes :]
my new school bag
I love the little strap that holds the sides together
I found a vogue paris at a street vendor. I had been looking for it everywhere.
cute new cardigan with bows all over it. I LOVE this sweater ♥
I re-planted some thyme and mint this morning when I got home.

well, loves, I have to get back to packing. I am moving in a few more days!! its so exciting!!


Amu-mu said...

Moving for school??

I LOVE those shoes - I am always so envious of pretty shoes, cos I have HUGE size 11 feet, and no pretty shoes ever fit me.

Do you have pizza thyme. I have some in a pot, and even love running my hand through it, cos it releases the most amazing fragrance.

alex said...

yep, I'm moving closer to school.

I do the same thing to my thyme. I like moving it and releasing that smell. it smells amazing!!

e said...

Um, excuse me, but I do not see anything academic in that lovely "school bag" :)! Sweet finds, though.

e said...

oh, p.s.
PLEASE show us the new house! I've been stalking you waiting to see it!

alex said...

erica, there is school stuff in it now!! haha!

I only have a picture on my phone of the new house but I am going to go by there and take a picture with my real camera :]