Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"that's what she said!"

remember that birthday present I was making? well, I finished it!
it's for M, who loves the office as much as I do, or more?

so that's what I've done today

oh, and I made myself a nice lunch, gluten-free pasta salad and a leftover italian sausage. it was so yummy!
♥ a


ms fortune said...

yum to the pasta

the bag is so cute... ur friend will love it!!!!

alex said...

aw, thank you! and the pasta was SO easy to make!

Alyoops said...

That bag is amazing! I know people who would die for that XD I am surrounded by Office junkies.

ThatsWhatSheSaid said...

Hey! That's my bag! =]

alex said...

hey it's YOU! ♥