Thursday, January 31, 2008


sorry I've been gone so long. I have been so busy with school and I had the longest weekend but it was FUN. I went downtown and stayed all weekend and did lots of fun stuff with jenna and marissa :] (I uploaded a load of pictures on flickr from my weekend if you want to check it out)

it's been so cold here!
I am staying inside as much as possible and trying to work on my french and catching up on reading and movies. I am trying to watch as many oscar nominated films as possible. I LIVE for awards season!

sunday night I went to see 'atonement' again bc we ended up at the wrong theater. we originally wanted to see 'i'm not there' so when we got out we went to the right theater and saw it as well. it was so GOOD! I really think it's safe to say that you should see velvet goldmine first so you can appreciate todd haynes more fully. I just love velvet goldmine.

AND 'i'm not there' has heath ledger in it (R.I.P.) it's so tragic...

anyway, I apologize for being gone, I missed you guys :] I am back though and ready to show you some of the delicious gluten-free food I've been making lately. just today I made a grown up grilled cheese. it was super yummy
I just received 'la vie en rose' in the mail today! I will be watching it after the all new LOST (I'm SO excited, I'm such a nerd for LOST)

I have 8 oscar movies down! lots to go!!

♥ al

ps: here is marissa's post about our little adventure


Veronica said...

Yay! You're back! I wish I had the dedication you do, to see all of those movies! I'm impressed! :)

I saw Atonement last week. I loved/hated it. I mean, I loved it, but.... it made me so sad. I did everything I could not to sob aloud in the theatre. After that, I went straight to Borders and bought Amelie to make myself feel better. And of course, it worked. ;)

Anyway, I'm glad you're back! I know exactly how you feel being so busy! Hang in there! :)

alex said...

it's so sad and heartbreaking BUT so gorgeous. there is just such a glamorous feel to the book and movie. I loved both so much. I am a huge fan. I am going to see 'there will be blood' with my mom tmw I think!! I'm so excited!