Friday, January 18, 2008

can you tell??

the new semester started! I have been so busy with going to class and homework. I really like all my classes this semester! other than school I have been laying low. it is SO cold outside so I have been avoiding it altogether unless I have to go out. wednesday night I went to the chicagoland craft collective. it was FUN as always♥ I love going. I sucked at making the ribbon flowers but I got to show off my quilt. (I'm so proud of it! it makes me SO happy!) and I got to talk to all the wonderful ladies :D it's always a fun time.

the lovely Nan♥

oh gosh, this girl was hilarious!

I have been trying to stay healthy and warm. I have also been sewing mad crazy
this is my beast

OH! and a good friend of mine, jenna just moved here all the way from charleston. very exciting!

time to get under the covers and read magazines and watch movies! have a good weekend loves!

♥ al

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