Sunday, December 23, 2007

a little different

I have been feeling very moody lately. just keeping to myself and trying not to irritate people with my certain unpleasant state I am in.

but, I am slowly crawling out of it

I went to the bookstore last night and spent way too much but I don't feel guilty about spending money on books (this IS coming from a future libraian) I was with Marissa and she and I could stay for hours in any store really. we are lingerers. we were in whole foods a couple of nights ago for what seemed like hours. it was about an hour. no one should ever send both of us to "run in" anywhere. we will end up being in there way too long. anyway, I purchased some books that were highly recommended by the lovely M. I have been hearing her talk about Middlesex for a while now. she said it was like crack, and well, it is (I guess?). I can't put it down. I put another book on hold because I couldn't wait to start it.

this is why I love M. she gets me excited about things. we talk about everything. she listens and I listen. I feel like I can reference something and she will know exactly what I'm talking about. she is my new best friend. I really don't know alot of people around here that I can actually talk to so it's a real gift when I do.

anyway, I just wanted to say that to say this, I think M is pulling me out of my funk. you will be hearing more from me because I am excited about things again. I have a few different projects going at once. I am reading alot and watching wonderful movies. I feel inspired and no longer well, blah. this last semester really took alot out of me with commuting and everything. I am so glad to have a break right now. it's great to sleep until 11. I don't normally like to get up at 11 because I love my mornings. I love getting up early and having more of a day. I could wake up then, that's all.

I made a playlist for my moody self

I think I'm done with it, I don't need to keep myself in that

I'm good now...

♥ a


Leeann said...

i know what you mean, i'm a major lingerer too! anyway, i'm glad you're pulling yourself out of your bad mood and middlesex is an excellent book. i love it especially because i live near (and love) detroit & reading that book is so much like reading about home, it's wonderful.

also, i'm making some of your cute little peaches as xmas gifts this year! thanks so much for posting your patterns. :)

Amu-mu said...

sometimes being in a funk is a good thing, cos then you creep out of it, and you often feel refreshed, and better than before. it's always a good time to set new goals and do things you havent done before! I missed your blogs!! Merry Christmas to you, peach, and to your family.

alex said...

awe thanks loves
♥ merry christmas!