Saturday, November 03, 2007


I had the best day I've had in a while yesterday! I went downtown to get a new SS card. I went way early in the morning so I could get it done and go back home. Well, my dear Marissa was going out of town to U of I yesterday so I texted her, "I hope you have a good trip. I wish you were downtown" well she called me and told me she missed her train. So we met up and went to Barnes and Noble. We got some hot chai and looked at tons of art books. I bought this (I really like the cover art better on the paperback, very good book! I recommend it!)
We then went to the SS office to wait in line, she had nothing better to do until 4 so she came with. We just sat there and talked about everything. I could talk about everything with this girl all day long. She's so smart and well-read and just fabulous. We had lunch and never ended up getting the card because the line was so long. We just sat on the bench outside of the DePaul loop campus and talked about her volunteering and everything really. I love her. I am crushing hard. I really really like her so next weekend I am going to stay with her in her Lincoln Park dorm room. (She goes to DePaul) Have I ever mentioned how much I loveeeee Lincoln Park?? Well, it's wonderful! I can not wait, it's going to be a lovely weekend and I am really looking forward to it. :]

well, today I went with my mom to Ikea
to make a wishlist of things we need for the new house. Well, I had to buy some things (of course)
we then went to macy's to use or 20% off cardthis cake plate is perfect for my little felt cake I got in a swap
so tonight I am going to just lay around and watch this

I'm off to take a nap, I'm wiped out!
♥ peach

ps: yesterday was a mushaboom kind of'll see...

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