Saturday, November 17, 2007

rainy saturday [in pictures]

it's really cold and wet outside today. it's ok though, that forces me to stay in and get things done! I did go out earlier to get some much needed gluten free food at Whole Foods. they have one of the best selections BUT if you live around here, Soup to Nuts is the best for gf. so I bought a few things and Borders is right beside the Whole Foods which makes for a convenient stop.

I got myself my own little special pie for Thanksgiving

I got some herbed butter to rub on my turkey on thursday. I am hosting Thanksgiving this year! can't wait! I also got some basil pesto shrimp...oh yum! I just made some pasta with them and they are mmmm....(see? production!)

I get Nylon in the mail now. I miss JANE but Nylon is a good sub (I guess) I finally bought Atonement. I have read it before but I figured I would read it again before I see it and THIS one has Keira Knightley on the cover. loveI just discovered this movie through Marissa. I bought it today. love

finally got my ETSY bumper stickers in the mail! they are adorable.

so that's my saturday loves. I'm going to get under the covers now and watch the end of the movie. have a good weekend :]

l, p

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