Monday, November 12, 2007

weekend with m♥

this past weekend was great! I spent it in Lincoln Park with Marissa. She is a doll! I had alot of fun! We went to Swirlz
and the new Jasper Johns exhibit at AIC
This was my first time at Swirlz! They have gluten free cupcakes that are out of this world! I had the gf chocolate grasshopper mint and the gf chocolate chocolate (oh yum!)
They were delightful! (this was our lunch on Saturday :])

It was a really good weekend. We didn't go out much because it was cold so we stayed in and watched movies. We watched Love Me If You Dare. I had never seen or heard of it but it's my new favorite! Check it out! It's darling! So Sunday I came home to lots of dirty laundry and cleaning to do. I was sad to leave but winter break is coming up!

I have been baking like crazy lately. My heat doesn't work well so the oven helps alot. I am going to start experimenting with new gluten free cookie recipes. If you're interested and want a recipe for something you see, I'll post it.

I bought a ton of magazines this past weekend. It's going to start getting really cold out so I need some reading materials and good ideas for decorating. I went to Home Depot tonight and got beautiful glass ornaments. I have a great idea for them that I saw in the new Living magazine. you'll see

dinnertime. love, p

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