Wednesday, October 15, 2008

while you were sleeping

if you haven't noticed, I've been messing around with the layout of this blog for a while. I thought about it for a long time (well, not too long) and I came up with this new layout. I hope you like it. I is staying like this for quite a while.

anyway, second blog of the day.

I'm sitting here listening to while you were sleeping for the second time in a row.

it's very rainy today so the gizmo and I have been snuggling and being lazy.

I made some split pea with bacon soup and I had the leftovers. it was so delicious. it was the perfect thing for a day like today. I love soup on rainy days.

I'm so glad it's finally fall! I love sweaters and crunchy leaves and hot chocolate!!

I went to the dekalb library for the first time! it was so nice! doug and I decided that we are going to go once a week. it's fantastic! they had a huge section of gluten-free books too! squeee!!

I really love the illustration on the front of "City of Theives." I am liking this book a lot.

I really can't make it to the chicagoland craft collective tonight. I feel sad about missing it. it's just so far and I really don't feel that great. oh well...there's next month. so, I'm going to get together with doug and laura tonight for the project runway FINALE! woot! I'm so excited! I have my fingers crossed for leanne! she was my favorite since the very first episode this season. much like christian was last season. anyway, I found this very cool. I'll be looking for our local girl tonight on the show :)

bye for now
♥ a

ps: oh! I almost forgot to mention that doug and laura got a kitty! she's adorable! I just love her! I will take a picture soon when she is more social. she is still not used to the idea of the new living arrangments. her name is luna and she is 3 years old. they adopted her from tails. you will get to meet her soon. I promise!

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