Monday, September 22, 2008

gluten-free? me first.

I have a load of gluten -free food to share. I made some of it and I bought some of it. okay, so let me start with fried cheese. cheese is my weakness. I could eat cheese all day long. seriously. so, what's better than frying it? (not much) so I breaded some tiny mozzerella balls that I picked up at trader joes and I fried them up really quick. they were so yummy and gooey and crispy and hot and okay, I'll stop. observe:

with the same oil and breading technique I made fried might have been
EVEN better than the fried cheese!

so, the other night, Doug tells me he has never had green chili, (say wha?, yea I know...) so of course, being a good girlfriend, I made him the best green chili I could. it was really yummy. we put some extra cilantro and green onions on top with some chopped avocados. I could go on about avocados all day too. I LOVE them. they're like a buttery, melty in your mouth, well, I don't know...they're just amazing and I don't know what I would do without them.

this tv dinner was an experiment. I am NOT the type to eat TV dinners for obvious reasons and I would never eat them anyway. BUT I saw this in the store and I had to try it. don't judge me. I was sold when I saw it had gluten-free foccacia :) it was also very good and I may or may not get it again?

because trader joes gf brownie mix is SO good I haven't felt the need to buy a gluten-free brownie. anyway, my mom picked this up for me when she was on vacation last week and it is good. I had one complaint, it was CRUMBLY. I mean, it got everywhere! I felt like a 3 year old eating it. I'll stick to the trader joes, thanks.

that's my gluten-free post loves, I love blogging gluten-free because I wish for people (celiacs) to see that just because you have a very restrictive diet, you can eat really well. ♥ a


sunnie_fairy said...

i'm drooling... yummy!

Jennifer said...

Those mozzarella balls and zucchini look divine! What did you use to bread them and what kind of oil did you fry them in?

alex said...

thanks! I used bob's red mill gluten-free all purpose flour then dunk them in an egg and milk mixture then roll them in gluten-free breadcrimbs (homemade or jazzed up orgran brand) then plop them in about an inch of hot vegetable oil and flip after a minute :)