Monday, September 17, 2007

el fin de semana

This weekend was fun! I had a nasty cold but it was still great!

I have been hanging out with a very cool guy and he had a get-together Friday. I drank a little too much, yikes. I don't remember much. Fun all around though.

THEN Renengade was Saturday! I had a blast! I spent WAYWAYWAYWAY too much money! I bought tons of stuff, I posted a link to the set on flickr. It's in the last post. I walked around once to see where everything was and look at all the different vendors. Then I walked around again and bought stuff and met Etsy people. My favorite was Sarah, Fort Cloudy, she was so cute and sweet. It was so great! Everyone was so talented! A lot of the stuff was WAY underpriced!

I had a slight trace of a cold before I went downtown. When I got home it was in full force. So Sunday I laid around and felt sorry for myself all day. Oh, I watched football and the Emmy's too.

I went home early today from school bc I was still feeling bad. I am good now though. I feel 85% better. Good night loves.

♥ p

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